the weather

The weather

Какая у нас любимая тема для разговора – what is our favourite subject of conversation? Несомненно, про погоду – about the weather, of course! Итак, мы с вами начали второй год обучения. И начинается он с повторения. Конечно, мы давно уже описываем погоду на английском языке, но мы с вами растем и углубляем свои знания. Потому предлагается новая подробная табличка для описания погоды.

как описать погоду на английском the weather

The weather. The sun, the sky, the birds.

What is our favourite subject of conversation?
About the weather, of course!
What is the weather like today?
The weather is
– (still) warm / cool / cold / frosty
– wonderful / so-so / nasty
– catching – неустойчивый
– getting better / worse
– quiet / windy
– dry / damp – мокрый
– somber – мрачный
The sun is / isn’t– shining brightly
– hiding behind the clouds
– peeping from behind the clouds – проглядывать
– getting colder
– (still) heating
– (still) beating down
– dipping below the horizon – скрываться за  горизонт
The sky is  – blue and clear
– changeable
– grey / low / foggy / misty
– hovering hard with clouds – нависать
– gloomy / even stormy
– cloudy / cloudless
– watery – предвещающий дождь
The trees / some of them are– beautiful with green leaves / coloured leaves
– dropping their leaves
– withering – вянуть, сохнуть, блёкнуть
– (already) bare of leaves
– covered with snow
The birds – are flying away to the warm countries
– are (still) peeping in the trees – чирикать
– are splashing in the pools
– are hovering about in the sky – парят в небе
– are already away
– have flown away to the South
The pavements are      – clean and dry
– damp / slippery / icy
– covered with pools / leaves / dirt / ice /snow
– dirty (and muddy)
описать погоду зимой на английском

The weather. The precipitations, people enjoy, mood.

The precipitations:– It is raining.
– It is drizzling all day long.
– It is sleeting.
– It is snowing.
– There are no precipitations outdoors.
There is There are– pools on the pavements
– traffic jams in the streets
– not the least wind today – ни малейшего ветерка
– blasts outdoors – сильные порывы ветра
– a squally (бурный, порывистый) wind outside
– snow-broth on the pavements
– cumuli-nimbi in the sky
– snow-banks on the ground
– a barber outdoors – сильный ветер при морозе
People relish             
don’t mind             
feel like – хочется
– walking in the streets
– basking in the sun – греться на солнышке
– sunning themselves
– doing nothing
– riding a bike
– roller-skating
– carrying umbrellas – носить зонтики
– going to the English lesson
– sticking at home
– going on vacations
People are wearing– light clothes (T-shirts, shorts, dresses, sandals, socks, panamas)
– warmer clothes (jeans, trousers, boots, high boots, (felt boots – валенки, galoshes, coats, jackets, caps, anoraks, sweaters) 
What about your mood?
Is it important for us what mood you are in?
Are you in high spirits?
Are you in low spirits?
We hope, you have got a good mood, don’t you?
You are not a worm today!
You are on cloud nine!
как описать погоду зимой на английском the weather


What is the weather like today – про погоду зимой или про погоду осенью или про погоду весной на английском языке?

the weather - описание погоды весной

Письмо на английском языке. About the weather.

Write a composition as an answer to Natasha’s letter – пишем – письмо на английском языке.

Hello, Anya / Maxim!

How nice of to write me back so soon! It is always joyful to get letters from you! As I have understood you go on practicing sports thanks to that you are in high spirits, don’t you?

As for my news, I am going to visit Russia in November. My parents suddenly decided to take holidays for a week. So we will be able to meet together in the nearest future. Could you tell me what the weather is like in autumn in Russia? What clothes should I take in this month that I want to come? They say that there is an Indian autumn (бабье лето) in Russia in September. Can you explain what it means?

Sorry, but I should stop writing the letter: there are lots of studies I must do. I am looking forward to your answer and I already hope for our meeting.

Sincerely yours, Natasha.  


Итак, дорогие ученики, подведем итоги нашего занятия – let’s sum it up! Прежде всего, мы углубили свои знания про погоду – про погоду зимой или про погоду осенью или про погоду весной на английском языке. А также, пишем – письмо на английском языке. Тоже про погоду! Bully for you! Оставляйте свои комментарии и пожелания и задавайте вопросы, если они у вас появились. See you soon. And I am waiting for you at the following lesson!

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