Какая погода зимой

Мы занимаемся вместе английским языком уже не первый урок и умеем описывать погоду зимой, весной и осенью. Но мы не стоим на месте и продолжаем углублять свои знания. Потому сегодня рассмотрим тему какая погода зимой. Но уже на продвинутом уровне.

какая погода зимой на английском

Какая погода зимой: деревья, небо, солнце.

What is our favourite subject of conversation?
About the weather, certainly!
We can’t pretend a day without speaking about the weather!
What is the weather like today?
It is / rainy / snowy / frosty / nippy.
It is foggy / misty / clear / shiny / nasty.
It is dirty and sloppy.
It is wet (damp) / slippery / icy / slushy.
It is serene. / It is changeable. / It is unsettled.
It is sulky. – День хмурый, гнетущий.
It is murky. – Мрачно, пасмурно.
The treesare bare of leaves / are frosted are covered with snow / snowbound
are swinging in the strong wind / in the barber are beginning to bud / to bloom
The skyis clear and sunny / grey and low
is cloudless / overcast – заоблаченный
is watery – предвещающий дождь
is stormy and gloomy / somber – хмурый
is changeable is dimming out 
The sunis high-sky (isn’t)
is shining brightly
(isn’t) hiding behind the clouds
is peering through the clouds
is dissolving the ice, snow
is dipping below the horizon – опускаться за горизонт
The pavementsare clean and dry / dusty
are covered with snow (slush, dirt, pools)
are icy / slippery / slushy = sleety
are damp and dirty are dirty and sloppy
какая погода зимой на английском

Какая погода зимой: птицы, осадки, людям нравится.

The birds
Some birds
have flown away to the hot countries
(aren’t) are twittering in the trees
are splashing in the pools
are waiting for the oncoming spring
are returning from the warm countries
are staying at home
The precipitations:
It is snowing / dribbling / drizzling / spotting with rain / sleeting / drenching
There are no precipitations outdoors.
There is There are
a strong wind outdoors
snow-broth on the pavements
cumuli-nimbi in the sky
snow-banks on the ground
pools on the pavements
traffic jams in the streets
not the least wind today – ни ветерка
a barber outdoors – сильный ветер в мороз
People enjoy              
feel like             
don’t mind             
can’t stand          
skating / skiing / sledging / making snowmen /
playing snowballs / hanging out along the streets /
sticking at home / doing nothing / having a rest /
slogging at hometasks / surfing on the Internet
slugging in bed – нежиться в кровати
getting into the lair and sucking the paw – забраться в берлогу и сосать лапу
People are wearing             put on              
are dressed in             carry
jackets, coats, fur coats, raincoats, sweaters, trousers, hats, scarves, boots, high boots, galoshes [gəˈlɒʃɪz], valenki [vəˈlɪŋkɪ], umbrellas, mittens, gloves, sledges, skis 
How are you?
How goes the world with you?
Are you a worm today or are you on cloud nine?
Keep your pecker up!
Never give way to despair!         
I am as fresh as a daisy.
I am in high (low) spirits.
I am dizzy today.
I am as squeezed as an orange.
I am in no mood. / I am on cloud nine.
I am tired to the bone. / I am off today.
I am radiant [ˈreɪdɪənt] with joy. – Я сияю от радости.
I am in high feather [ˈfeðə] / in a pet. – В приподнятом / тоскливом настроении.
какая погода зимой


I. Everybody relishes speaking about the weather. Now we are waiting for your description of the weather. Is it wonderful or nasty today outdoors? What mood have you got in such weather? What does the weather-forecast promise?

Какая погода зимой

Чтобы закрепить тему, какая погода зимой, пишем – письмо на английском языке.

Hello, Olya / Kolya!

I haven’t heard from you for ages! And, at last, I have got this letter from you! The news that you had entered the dancing / the football club made me glad greatly!

As for my events, we are having New Year’s holidays now and my free time is much enough to do my private things. That’s a pity, but the weather this year isn’t wintery. There is no snow outdoors. It is always sleeting. On the pavements there is endless snow-broth. And I would prefer frosty and even crimpy weather when there are snow-banks everywhere and we can make snowmen and fortresses. I feel like skating on the smooth ice. It is joyful to sledge from the slide. But snow is always melting. It melts as soon as it falls down! And what about you? What are you doing during the holidays? What weather do you enjoy? And what activity do you prefer in the weather you like best?

Sorry, but I have to stop writing the letter: it is time to go to bed – tomorrow I am on duty and will have to get up earlier. I am looking forward to your reply.

Sincerely yours, Natasha. 


Итак, дорогие ученики, подведем итоги нашего занятия – let’s sum it up! Мы научились рассказывать по-английски, какая погода зимой на продвинутом уровне. А также мы не забываем, как мы описывали погоду в разное время года ранее – про погоду зимой или про погоду осенью или про погоду весной. В общем, мы с вами огромные молодцы – bully for you! Пишите комментарии и задавайте вопросы, если они у вас появились. Итак, see you at the following lesson!

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